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Incorporating Floor Exercises, Yoga & African Dance
Growing up in Africa, I got addicted to the power and spirituality of African dance and drumming because it exists on so many planes," says Joneeba Mouflet. "In Africa, dance is both a part of secret rituals and everyday living. It can be purely for enjoyment and it can also be ceremonial. African dance addresses the physical, mental and spiritual needs of the individual and the community. I always wanted to share that healing power with others one day, and that is when the Joneeba™ concept took life."
“As with many ancient wisdoms being rediscovered today, I am interpreting and sharing the rhythmic movement of Africa in the context of fitness today,” says Joneeba Mouflet. Over the last 18 years, he has created and perfected an amazing blend of floor exercises, yoga and African dance – performed to the uplifting power of drum rhythms – into a complete fitness program called Joneeba™.
"If you can walk, you can dance," says Joneeba Mouflet, whose Joneeba™ technique is high-energy, fun, and easy-to-follow. Following all the principles of exercise physiology, this total body workout combines three key elements: a uniquely designed stretching, strengthening, and toning warm-up; powerful West African dance moves accompanied by stimulating drum rhythms to condition the heart; and a methodical way of breaking down steps so that every person, including those who have never danced in their lives, can sweat, have fun and learn the skill of dancing.

“As a balance to the physical part of the workout, the spiritual part of the Joneeba™ journey begins to unfold when the ancient drum rhythms merge with the rhythm of your spirit, making you move and work out with a freedom that you’ve never experienced before,” says Mouflet. “The hypnotic power of the drum rhythms excite, prod, lull, captivate, pull, envelop, and inspire you to continue on and get fit without realizing it. People no longer have to “survive” working out; class is so fun and addictive that they hate to miss it. Students vibrate not just on the physical but also the spiritual level.” Mouflet has achieved guru-like status among the thousands of individuals who have studied with him worldwide over the years, and the many who currently crowd his classes at the Djoniba Dance and Drum Centre in New York.

Joneeba™ is a fitness system that not only allows, but calls for, complete physical self-expression and release, putting you totally in balance physically, mentally and spiritually. It fuses together fitness, artistic and cultural experience and is a vital part of today’s new holistic life style. This is the magic of Joneeba™!

Class Breakdown
Class starts with the same thorough, uninterrupted and easy to follow warm-up. It is designed to strengthen, tone and make flexible all muscle groups and prevent injuries.Following the warm-up is the teaching and breakdown of the West African dance moves. Then all the steps are put together into one long routine that students get to perform a few times. The class ends with an exciting solo freestyle by willing students in a circle around the drummers. Finally, students are encouraged to cool down.

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