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Incorporating Floor Exercises, Yoga & African Dance

Exercise with Life! I have always been attracted to unconventional ways of doing things, including staying fit. Joneeba is an eccentric and unique fitness workout that provides me with the mental and physical wellness I look for in an exercise regimen. The Joneeba workout has replaced my yoga and aerobics routines. if anyone is tired of the same old exercises, and is looking for a mind/body experience, I absolutely recommend this fitness program. I've never had this much fun exercising!
-Lisa Seabrooks, Teacher, New York

“The Joneeba class loosened me up. I attend fitness conventions often and taking the Joneeba Class was the most fun I’ve had with clothes on!”
-Ann Marie Giglio, ECA Miami 11/2005

“I had recently ordered and received the first Joneeba DVD and totally loved it right up until I STEPPED on it!!! That’s right I laid the case on the floor with the DVD inside and broke/cracked it. While I did not cry I whimpered really loud:>). Therefore I need to have another copy of this fabulous Joneeba Dance Class rushed out to me ASAP.”
-Christal Jones, Web Customer, Virginia

“I am a full-time physician who takes the Joneeba Class three to five times weekly. I used to regularly workout at a gym. Since starting dance class, I have not returned to the health club as I feel I get a more complete cardiovascular and total- body workout with the Joneeba class. In fact, I feel less fatigued, have developed more muscle tone and have more physical and mental energy for work since joining the class.”
-Natalee Sansone, MD, New York

"When I first started taking Joneeba African Dance class I was just working to tone-up. Now 6 years later, Joneeba class is truly my salvation. I dance for fun, to relieve stress, and stay fit. It’s my everything.”
-Stefanie Perry, Fashion Stylist, New York

"I was born in America to Austrian parents. I am an operations manager at a post production company. I generally hate exercising, but I love coming to African dance class. I am more in shape than I have been in years!”
Sabrina Oberlechner

“"I am originally from Trinidad and Tobago. I am an Electrical Engineer. Joneeba African dance is a great workout and, to date, the only form of exercise I can keep doing without getting bored.”
-Fayola, New Jersey

"The sound of the live drumming is infectious. It's always such an awesome feeling, walking out of class feeling uplifted, energized, and encouraged. Thank You, Joneeba!
-Daniella, New York

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